Hardwood Floor Installation Types

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Published: 08th November 2012
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If you want to increase the warmth, market value, and appeal of your home then hard wood floor is the best option for your home. Therefore, never give the job of floor installation to a man who does not know anything or not a professional in this field. If you will give this job to anyone who can install it but not know the exact method of installation, it will look nice but future results would be much worst and especially at the time of its test. Therefore, when you are deciding to install it make this sure that you are contracting with a professional. You can check their license through which you will be able to know that is this a professional in hard wood floor installation or not? You will also be able to know that there is any complain against them or not. You can also check more than one professional in this field so that you can find the best one according to your budget and choice.

Once you will contract any, professional in the field he/she will guide you through all the process and will give you best option and designs for the floor of your home. Mainly there are three different types of installation for the hard wood floor of your home. These types of installation include glued, floating, and nailed. All these types of installation have there own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it would be better for you to discuss advantages and disadvantages with your contractor about all these three types. People who are living in the area, which is tropical, because the wood of floor can expand or contract due to humidity, therefore floating is the best type for them. In this kind of installation, one piece of floor is in connection with other piece but the whole floor is not in connection directly with the sub floor of the house. Other two types of installation include nailed and glued.

When you will use glued type of installation, it will give hard and solid look to floor but it is expensive. This type of floor is not useful in climatic or humid areas and can contract of expand very easily due to humidity. If you would like then you can also choose the third type of floor installation of your home wood floor, which is nailed. In this type of installation, you can staple of nail it with sub floor of your home. This type is much easy and less expensive than all other types during installation. The method of selection not matter as much accept your choice however it would be better for you that you choose type of installation according to environment of your home, type of climate in which your home is situated and budget on installation which you would spend. Always choose that type of installation in which carpeting can be easy. The choice and installation of hard wood floor depends upon the choice of owner of the home because many people do not like wood floor in kitchen or bathrooms. It is all upon the choice of the owner.

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